Large Lot of Land, Warwick

$1,100,000 REF: PW-937
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Location: Warwick, West End, Bermuda, WK03

This is a  wonderful opportunity to build your dream home or because this 2.9 acre lot is zoned Residential 2 with the southern portion zoned agriculture, other business opportunities are available.  


Centrally located with amenity advantages...

Two major grocery stores, as well as restaurants, and many other "essential" amenities are only a short walk away.  (Some think that ice cream is a necessity of life.)  Only Hamilton City has more of a choice of services within a five minute drive!  This includes many large grocery stores, gas stations, schools, pharmacies, churches, marine docks, many small stores, beach parks and other parks, and other recreational areas including a bowling alley.


Easy access to Bermuda on the bordering Railway Trail via walking, biking, or horseback riding without having to cross a road!


Title is guaranteed by The Government of Bermuda through the Land Title Registration Office (LTRO).  This lot is registered at the highest level possible as "Absolute Title", and because they are registered already the sales process is quicker and with less possible complications.


Next to this lot is another .4 acre lot zoned Residential 2  for $350,000.


Combined Lots 1 and 2: $1,200,000


In addition there are two other lots on the southern side of the Railway Trail:


                Lot 3 is .6 acres zoned residential 1 with woodland overlays priced at $280,000.

                Lot 4 is .9 acres zoned residential 1 with woodland overlays priced at $380,000.


                Combined all 4 lots can be sold at a Special Price of $1,600,000

The lots have been adequately cleared for touring the property.  Please call Lisa Fraser-Smith for an appointment.  441-705-1807 or email

Please call Lisa Fraser-Smith on 441-705-1807, email:

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